I wanna lick Jinwoo's face and taeyun's hair. Winner! FIGHTING!!
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Hey!! Im devo!

I got into K-POP!! WHOOO HOOO
Idk how i lived without K-pop.. special THANXXX to Venice :)

Bigbang.. Shinee.. DBSK.. Infinite..Block B.. WINNER.. Mblaq.. Cn blue.. Super Junior.. Teentop.. U-kiss.. exo.. Shinhwa and the list goes on!!

OHH and ima BIG ANIME FAN!!! got in to it like 5years ago and still going strong!
Anime- NARUTO... fairytales.. deathnote.. Hitman reborn.. many many more!!

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for the theme

Duckface!!! THEM LIPS!!! 

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